If you have made it past the title I hope you will consider for a moment what I have to say. I want to take a quick look at libertarian philosophy and the nature of God in seeking a relationship with us.

Now when I say libertarian I mean the little "L" and not the actual Libertarian Party. No one party can claim God over another, although I believe some definitely choose to reject Him. God is not a Republican, nor is He a democrat, and I don't think He voted third party. In full transparency I voted the Constitution Party and some in this party may believe to speak for Him, but I won't go that far. So if you can be Libertarian without belonging to the Libertarian Party what does that look like?

Well, in a nutshell libertarianism is the philosophy of free will or freedom to choose for one's self. Another important point to this idea is that with freedom of choice comes acceptance of the consequences of that choice. Hopefully you are still hanging in there with me. And if you are you may say how does this apply to God?

It would be a very fair argument to say that God is not a true libertarian. Scripture tells us that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. Spend any time in the Old Testament or read Revelation and you see a very holy God that demands our respect and worship. I would certainly agree with this assessment of God's character. He is holy, which means to be set apart and one day (this is key) each of us will acknowledge who He is and His power. The aspect I am most concerned with here is how He approached relationship with us on this side of life and death. Genesis teaches us that we were created with His image and then placed in the Garden of Eden. From the very beginning you see Him giving us free will. In that perfect world was placed two trees. One the Tree of Life and the other the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In true libertarian fashion Adam and Eve were given free reign of the garden and were given the choices and what the consequences of those choices would be. Those familiar with the story know what Adam and Eve choose. They choose the forbidden tree. The result was they would now die and sin entered the world. No one that believes God is who the scripture says He is can argue that He doesn't have the power to force us to worship Him or to enter into relationship with Him. This narrative of choosing Him and the good and bad consequences of what individuals and nations decided is repeated over and over in scripture.

This brings us to Jesus. The ultimate exercise of free will is what will you do with this Jesus? Because God wants us to want Him He never forces a relationship with us. The "who so ever" in Romans means that each of us have a choice to make. We must also accept the consequence of this choice. If we accept Christ then we inherit eternal life and begin a personal relationship with God. If we choose to reject Jesus then we by our own free will choose eternal death and separation from God. This is the beauty of a libertarian God. He doesn't force anything on us. Even after we have choose to accept Jesus, He still continues to ask us to come along with Him. We each go as deep into relationship as we are willing.

This very nature of God is what I use to influence my own politics and approach to life. Free will is one of the greatest gifts He designed us with and hopefully you exercise it to its fullest. I'm glad God is a libertarian.