Today is Super Tuesday, a day when presidential nominees or made or broken. 10 states will be voting for a Democratic nominee while 12 states will be voting for a Republican nominee. Convincing wins on Super Tuesday almost always lead to a nomination so today is a big day for all the nominees.

The primaries this year in many ways mirror the primaries of any other year in American history. Unrealistic ideas are proposed as platforms, promises are made, lies are spread, candidates are slandered, lobbyists are appeased, and eventually we are left with the 2 champions, one from each party, who will be the next "most powerful leader of the free world." Almost sounds like a gameshow when I state it like that.

However, this year has also felt different than any other time in my lifetime. I've never seen people so divided and so firm in their division. Nor have I ever seen two sides paint their opponents in such negative light. If I were to believe what I hear Hilary Clinton is both the next great Clinton president and the next Anti-Christ. Donald Trump is both a genius who tells it like it is and a moronic narcissist who bankrupts his companies, sues anyone and anything, and for whom lies and hate speech are his native tongue.

Bernie Sanders is the Messiah who has finally come and also the reincarnation of Stalin who is coming to ruin America. Ted Cruz is an outsider who wants the best for America and Satan reincarnate who can't wait to bomb anything that moves while maniacally laughing it up in the White House. Marco Rubio is either the savior of the Republican party or a robot.

How can anyone make a choice of a leader when so much misinformation is spread, when candidates only say what they know you want to hear, when authenticity loses to electability. Who even are these people?

I have struggled mightily with doing my civic duty when it comes to voting. Not because I'm lazy or uninformed. Not because I don't care. But because I don't trust any of these people. The questions that need to be asked most times aren't asked and when they are they get sidestepped.

Why does Hillary claim innocence in her talks to Wall Street while also refusing to release the transcripts of those same talks? How is Bernie going to get the House and Senate to work with him on any of the things he talks about? How will it all get paid for?

Why are people so infatuated with Donald Trump? Why isn't his record exposed for what it is? His own words condemn him and are easily found online and yet here is, primed to take the nomination if he wins today. What has happened within the Republican Party that has allowed a man like this to get this far?

There are so many more hard questions that are never answered, just talked around. But I do know this, no matter who eventually wins on either side, I can already write the headlines for you.

{insert name here} nominated as {insert party affiliation here} presidential candidate, we are all {doomed/saved depending on your slant}

For all the followers of Jesus reading this, I want to quell any thoughts of doom you may have based on whoever is elected to office. Jesus is still King. The world is still in the process of being made whole again and that will continue no matter who is elected. What is more important than your vote is your participation in the work Jesus seeks to do through you in your community.

As a follower of Jesus I could never endorse any of these people to be my leader. None of them represent the values of the Kingdom of Jesus fully. And therein lies the problem with voting that I've faced. Is my vote an endorsement or is it a decision to find the best option available among what is offered?

In the past I've voted for Republicans, I've abstained, I've voted for Democrats, and I've even voted for a Green Party presidential candidate. This year I'm taking a different approach, I've decided that I should vote for the person who embodies as much Kingdom principles as possible. None of them come close to embodying them all, but some are very far off.

Taking this approach it is impossible to be a 1 issue voter. Every issue and platform is but a part that makes up the whole and the whole is what I'm looking at. Who in this field will most embody the values of God's Kingdom, the one that seeks redemption instead of revenge, life instead of death, and justice for all not just for some.

And after everything is said and done, no matter who is nominated, even if it be the candidates I think least embody the values of the Kingdom, I will not despair, I will not give in to those who say that doom is upon us, but I will hold tight to the King who has promised to make all things new. The King who makes promises He can actually keep, who doesn't need negative ads, who isn't swayed by any lobbyist, and not only tells the truth but is THE truth. I'll continue to put my trust in Jesus as the only One who can make things right using people just like you and me.